The methods of operation chosen and the reasons for this choice

The basic methodology for the survey was developed in previous SARTRE studies.

  • An overview of road safety context and issues will be conducted. The list of issues will come from the previous SARTRE, new issues raised by states, current safety issues important for the Commission, and anticipated forthcoming issues.
  • A reference questionnaire will be built, based on the list of selected topics
  • A coordinated survey will be carried out in each participating member state, by a professional local poll agency. The survey will use the (translated) questionnaire in a similar protocol. A representative sample of general population, of adult motorists, motorcyclists and nondrivers / riders will be interviewed. Each state’s raw data file will be harmonized and merged into a common data-base.
  • Analyses of the results will be conducted by the group of scientists, and conclusions drawn concerning both individual states and EU context.
  • Dissemination

Internal evaluation procedures

A steering committee composed of senior scientists will pilot the work of this operation. The quality of data will be under the responsibility of each national correspondent able to verify the relevance towards each national context. The scientific analysis will be referred in part by the steering committee and partly by external experts. The provisional results will face an audience of experts during 3 regional seminars.