Description of the tasks

WP1 Definition

As a first step the group of partners will review the background and revise the topics of interest mentioned in this proposal Common guidelines will be established regarding the method to follow for surveying and collecting samples.
The reference questionnaire in English will be designed, including a part of former Sartre 3 questionnaire to ensure follow-up and developing new questions to cover the new involved targets non-drivers and motorized 2 wheelers.

WP2 Data collection

In each participating country, the national partner will translate the reference questionnaire, launch a call for tender to poll institutes. Under control of consortium national partner, the selected institute will carry out a representative survey, respecting the common guidelines, including a pre-test of the national version of the questionnaire with back translation.

The collected data will be checked according to the validity rules. Eventually correction requested from agencies. The corrected raw data files will be concentrated at Inrets, checked again also by comparison between individual files. For this purpose and further treatments, a common database will be build (likely under SPSS). Harmonisation and weight introduced, correction may again be requested from partners and their agencies.

WP3 Analyses

Several analyses of the survey results will be conducted by small participant teams. Final allocation to partners for analysis and account writing will be made, according to decisions taken in WP1 and questionnaire content design.

The topics of interest are

  • Account of surveys, sampling…
  • Description of results, remarkable points
  • First years of experience in driving /riding
  • Elderly road users
  • News about M2W
  • News about non-drivers
  • Impairment (alcohol and drugs, fatigue,..)
  • Modelling attitude and behaviour
  • Enforcement-New technology
  • Road safety policy
  • Cluster of states
  • Comparison with former SARTREs and objective 2010
  • Social attitudes inside ERSO

WP4 Dissemination

The operations related to dissemination are described in 1.11.3 Visibility. The content of publications will results from previous analyses under responsibility of the steering committee.The content of website, presentation for scientific conferences and press conferences will also be established by the steering committee.Practical operation to make English reference versions of website pages, leaflet, as well as edition of analyses report, will be undertaken by ERT. Transfer and adaptation of electronic versions on partners’ websites will be under responsibility of the partner.European seminars will be organised, one in east (hosted by ITS), one in south (host to confirm), one in west (hosted by Inrets), and a final session in Brussels (host to define)

WP5 Coordination and management

Coordination is undertaken by IFSTTAR
Management is ensured by ERT

WP6 Strategy

On request of the Commission, the project consortium will explore different solutions to achieve future goals of the project without financial support from the EU Commission. The observations and recommendations will be added to the conclusions chapter.